March 13

Hot Sauce Addiction

*Note from the author, “I apologize if this ruins your Friday. Or your life…..” You’ve just slaved away in the kitchen, creating a tasty and healthy meal for your loved one. You are feeling confident and proud of the creativity and risks you took while laboring over this delicious culinary experience you are about to […]

March 06

All Black Errythang

Buh-bye green juice, hello black juice! Yup. Activated charcoal is popping up in juices these days. Just when you got used to being hip with your iPhone 6 plus in one hand and a kale-beet-ginger concoction in the other – BAM! – someone straight one-ups your old, tired ass. It’s time to get on that […]

March 06

Post Workout GRUB

You work out hard. You feel amazing. You kicked ass. And then you ruin everything you did by letting your adrenaline-high, this feeling of immortality, lead you into the arms of a high caloric, evil temptation. This is the exercise version of getting drunk, feeling all sexy and shit, then waking up next to someone […]

Morning Skinny

Originally posted on Sweat. Love. Laugh.:
“If you’re not pooping, you’re not living.” – Maya Angelou…I think You ask, what is a “morning skinny?” It’s the beginning of your day. It’s the most important five minutes of your day that will determine your fate. It’s the moment when you after you flush, you look in…

February 04

Busting Ass

Let’s talk cruciferous. Pronounced ‘crew-siff-er-us.’ It’s not a disease. It’s not the act of crucifying. And it’s not your Greek lover. It’s a family of vegetables. They are cold weather veggies that have a four-leafed flower. Guess it looks like a cross or some shit. Hence the name “cruciferous.” You most likely eat one or more […]

January 29

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

You’ve been dating sugar for a long time. You’ve had good times and bad times together. You’ve been through a lot. But you’re always there for each other, that is until one day, sugar lets you down. Hardcore. You’ve been so in love that you didn’t realize you’ve gained 10 pounds and stopped working out. […]

January 27

What is your Spirit Food?

Everyone has a spirit animal these days. If you’re sly and strong, you’re a wolf. If you’re fat and lazy, you’re a hippo. If you’re an impenetrable, self-serving asshole, you’re a cat. As far as personalities go, a lot can be deduced from your spirit animal, but even MORE can be identified by examining your […]